I Fought the Weeds…

What makes a plant a weed?  At one level it’s a very human definition – it’s a plant that is growing somewhere we don’t want it.  That could be in your lawn or garden. It could be in a farmer’s field. It could be in a National Park. Anywhere they can grow, the weeds are calling…

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I've been working in agricultural technology for over 35 years. I'm originally trained in plant pathology but have touched on a wide range of topics over the years. Since 2009 I've also been very active as a blogger and speaker on ag/food topics

2 comments on “I Fought the Weeds…

  1. Steve, you might not have heard what the great weed scientist P.T. Barnum once said: You can kill all of the weeds some of the time, and some of the weeds all of the time, but you can’t kill all of the weeds all of the time.
    Nice Job, Ray Forney!

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